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8th Grade Science ALL TEKS Cat 2 Force & Motion Mini-Readers

8th Grade Science ALL TEKS Cat 2 Force & Motion Mini-Readers


The 8th Grade Science ALL TEKS Cat 2 Force & Motion Mini-Readers are designed to help students grasp the initial concepts related to matter and energy. These mini-readers are TEKS-based and STAAR-based, ensuring that students are learning material that is relevant to their curriculum and upcoming exams. Each mini-reader is filled with engaging content that is easy to read and understand, making it a great resource for both in-class and at-home learning. With this product, students can build a strong foundation in science and prepare themselves for future success.

  • License Agreement 2023-24

    The teacher may use the purchased products for lesson planning and as a classroom resource only. The teacher is not allowed to share, distribute, or make copies of the products for personal gain, financial gain, or distribution to campus personnel or overall district use.

    The teacher may use the resource for the 2023-24 academic school year whether it may be in class or a virtual setting.

    After the 2023-24 school year is complete, the teacher is recommended to purchase the renewal license or update to the resource for the upcoming academic year 2024-25.

    A cease-and-desist letter will be issued to all campuses and teachers who do not renew the yearly license.  Legal action will be taken if the teacher does not abide by the non-disclosure agreement.

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